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Il transport bonus is going well: many applications submitted in the first two weeks of disbursement of the contribution, which allows individuals a reimbursement of up to 100% of the costs for bus or rail passes. A incentive that has already been “refinanced” with the Ter Aid decree without first having exhausted the initial tranche of resources.

Demand boom in two weeks

Only two weeks after the launch of the Transport Bonus are approx 728 thousand vouchers issued. An important result achieved so far by the measure that aims to support families – students, commuters and retirees – to offset the rise in energy costs.

These numbers – explains the Ministry – have also been made possible thanks to the IT-technological infrastructure put in place in synergy between the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, which has allowed more than 1.8 million citizens to access the digital platform.

“It is a intervention that is receiving considerable interest by many students, workers, pensioners, citizens who use collective transport, resulting in an environmental benefit with a reduction in the pressure of private vehicles in urban centers and related polluting emissions “explains the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlandoadding “I think it should be encouraged this answer even more ”.

What is the transport bonus

The transport bonus is a contribution that families, students, workers and retirees can request covers 100% of expenses for monthly, multi-monthly and annual subscriptions for the use of public transport on road and rail, both regional and national, up to one maximum limit of 60 euros.

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Transport bonus is recognized exclusively to natural persons who in the year 2021 have achieved a income overall, certified by the ISEE, not exceeding 35 thousand euros.

It is possible to request it with very few steps on the Ministry of Labor website and an email will arrive with a bar code to be presented to the transport manager according to the methods indicated by the company that manages the public service. The single access to the ad hoc platform allows you to request a single voucher, for yourself or for a dependent minor child, by accessing through Spid or Cie. (See more details on how to request the bonus here)

Reinforced before running out

The fund for the transport bonus was “Reinforced” by the Aid ter decree, which added others 10 million euros a figure allocated for 2022 which was equal to 180 million euros.

The rationale for the contribution is clear, as the bonus aims to mitigate household expenses for transport and make local public transport more competitive compared to private cars, with no double advantage: the reduction of traffic and Polluting emissions.