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Home News Nearly 250 families embrace despite the wall on the New Mexico border

Nearly 250 families embrace despite the wall on the New Mexico border

Sunland Park – The border wall was opened today by immigration authorities and about 250 families, who are separated for immigration reasons, could hug for four minutes in the territories that separate U.S Y Mexico.

"We did not talk at all, we just gave each other a hug, the time was blown away, like a second", said Efe, with tears in her eyes, Rubí, a 23-year-old immigrant, who did not know her father in person, because she arrived newborn to the United States, without legal documents.

Rubí mentioned that he took the opportunity of the sixth event "Abrazos No Muros" and that he traveled with five family members from Colorado Springs to the New Mexico border to be able to embrace his family in Mexico.

The families that participated in the binational event traveled from various US entities. Among them Kansas, Colorado, California, Illinois, as well as several cities in New Mexico and Texas.

"I feel very helpless not being able to run to embrace them, to see them so close but far away at the same time," said a 16-year-old immigrant, moments before seeing her grandmother and her uncles for the first time in person.

On the Mexican side, people who live in the states of Durango, Veracruz, Mexico City, Jalisco, Chihuahua, among others, attended, according to the organizers.

After the four minutes allowed for the family meeting were over, Jazmín Márquez, 31, kissed her husband, who was on the Mexican side, while she was carrying her 3-year-old daughter Ximena, and who cried and repeated: "dad, dad".

"She wanted to go there with her dad, she's been deported since she's six months old", he mentioned.

The 6th edition of "Abrazos No Muros" took place today in a border area where it is built on a border wall, with an 18-foot-high steel bollard.

The binational organizing group, The Border Network for Human Rights, based in El Paso, Texas, agreed with the Border Patrol that a door to the wall be opened so that the meeting could be held.

"It is an historic event, unprecedented, the hugs of children and parents, and spouses, are defeating this wall and the symbol of the wall," Fernando García, executive director of the group, told Efe.

He affirmed that this is a call for attention to the country and the world in protest against the current US immigration policies.

Garcia thanked the Border Patrol for opening the doors of the wall.

"The United States does not deserve and migrants do not deserve as much aggression and as much separation as they are doing, thousands of families are separated, the model of immigration must be reformed," he said.

Border Patrol agents were present during the event, as in previous meetings.

On the American side there is a desert desert; while in side of Mexico there are some houses, built meters away from the border wall.

The organization has pointed out that this event may be the last one to be held in the region but that it will insist on organizing it in the future.

The editions have sought to generate an impact in Washington D.C. to help counteract the anti-immigrant narrative of the president, Donald Trump, according to the organizers.

The meeting was attended by members of various groups from both countries, including Christian churches, as well as representatives from both the Texas Senate and the state government of Chihuahua, Mexico.

In February 2016, before the visit of Pope Francisco to Ciudad Juárez, in Mexico, the Border Network for Human Rights organized an event where hundreds of families from both sides met in the then metal fence that divided Sunland Park and Anapra.

On his third day of work at the White House, Trump signed an executive order to authorize the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

On September 21, the Border Patrol announced the construction of a steel wall, in a four-mile stretch in El Paso, Texas, as part of an executive order and continue with the existing barrier other stretches of the border with Mexico.



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