Neat Scenario Radiology Specialist Faisal, It Turns Out Only To Marry People’s Wives

GORONTALO TERRACE – The case of the disappearance of the radiology specialist Faisal, which had caused a stir in the public, can be said to be a neat scenario.

This case managed to stir the emotions of netizens, because it seemed that they had been pranked by a radiology specialist Faisal.

How come? The doctor, who was initially thought to be missing due to an accident, was found in a room with someone else’s wife.

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Even the wife of the person with the initials HS has a past relationship with Doctor Faisal.

In this case, Faisal’s radiology specialist is quite brave in setting the scenario.

Initially the doctor said goodbye to his wife to provide help in the middle of the night.

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The aid is planned to be handed over to several villages in Toli-toli Regency.