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Home News «Neda» hosts Airbus, Nokia and a sign in its wing

«Neda» hosts Airbus, Nokia and a sign in its wing

The specialized telecoms provider, Nedaa, the exclusive provider of secure communication networks approved by the Government of Dubai, has announced its participation in Gitex Technology Week.

With its booth B-11 at Sheikh Saeed Hall 3, its major partners, Airbus, Nokia, and Signal Communications and Security Solutions, will showcase their latest 4G communications technology and applications. The Internet is in line with the Nedaa 4G network, an essential IT infrastructure that plays a pivotal role in supporting the Dubai Government's intelligent transformation efforts and initiatives.

"Strategic cooperation with Airbus, Nokia and Ashaar reflects our strong commitment to establishing fruitful relationships with the leading telecommunications companies," said Mansour Bouabisa, CEO of Neda.

At GITEX, we strive to unify our efforts by demonstrating the power and potential of the fourth generation Nada Call Network and other new generation technologies. We will also demonstrate that we can use these solutions to enable users to realize the benefits that lie ahead. We will take this opportunity to emphasize Neda's message that it will continue to work as one of the leading players in the specialized telecom industry to innovate products, solutions and intelligent and dynamic technologies that are of great importance to security and safety agencies. "

Airbus is participating in GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK under the slogan "Intelligence SHIRED". The SMVNO is a virtual reality (VR) technology based on the TacTilon solution for the virtual mobile network operator. (Secure MVNO). Airbus will also highlight its innovative system of innovative applications, designed to help enterprises and businesses operate in new and highly efficient ways.

This includes the Tacitlon Dabat, the first Android-enabled smartphone that fully complies with the Titra digital communications system within a single device; the TacTilon AGENT application, which allows the operation of a multimedia communications package for smartphone users and TETRA ); The Tetra, the TETRA; the drone system with face recognition; and the Man-Pack Tactical LTE, a mobile solution compatible with the TETRA system, . Airbus will display the human-made Tacitlon Dabat

Nokia will showcase its portfolio of innovative and sophisticated solutions and key features. This includes the "Smart Blazer of the First Response Teams", which comes equipped with standard sensors that can monitor heart rate, temperature, movement and positioning. Nokia will also highlight the "advanced command center" that meets the needs of agencies and public safety institutions facing growing responsibilities.

The company will also be actively involved in GITEX by introducing its advanced communications solutions. The company will also offer the Smart Communications System (SIMS), which is compatible with the Nedaa 4G network. The company also reviews the Intelligent Real Time Awareness System, a solution that ensures rapid and effective response to natural disasters and emergencies.


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