Need to refuel your car? wait for monday

Fuel prices should drop significantly from next week. Check how much the liter of diesel and gasoline will go down

The liter of diesel and gasoline should drop, on average, eight cents per liter from next Monday, tells CNN Portugal a market source based on the price of oil and refined products on international markets.

If these declines are confirmed, and taking into account the average price that was being practiced this Thursday, next week a liter of diesel should be sold, on average, at 1.7 euros per liter and the price of gasoline at 1.69 euros per litre.

Despite the drop, the sales prices that will be practiced from next week still leave the liter of diesel above the price it was sold before the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, when the average price was 1, 66 euros per litre. A liter of gasoline is already below this value, since before the start of the war the average price per liter was 1.82 euros.


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