Nehuda: She finally knows the sex of her second child!

The couple formed by Nehuda and Ricardo have found themselves in turmoil more than once in recent months. And while all these controversies ended in a definitive break, a few weeks ago the pretty singer announced that she was expecting her second child, that Ricardo was indeed the father but that they were still separated. Faced with criticism, she clarified: “So in 2021, it is possible to have children without sex. It is possible for same-sex couples to have children. It is also possible for a single woman to have a child with a man with a pif or with medicine, it is possible for a single man to call on a surrogate mother. “

Nehuda: Pregnant with a girl or a boy? She finally knows the answer!

Before continuing: “But, there is an exception for Nehuda, not the right to be pregnant and to be separated. (…) Love was, love is no more, but left a last gift in its path if I did not want it or if it was an unmanageable situation for me I would have aborted. I have been separated more than once and yet I have never regretted my daughter. So pregnant, not pregnant, child not child, that doesn’t change anything. Maybe because I have a life made easier by certain things in everything I am at peace everything is fine. “

Nehuda’s touching story © Snapchat @leanehuda

Accused of having had a child behind her ex’s back, she was again carried away: “I am clarifying two things. First: I didn’t have a child behind Ricardo’s back. I’m not there, thank God. Neither for Laïa, nor for this baby. Second thing: it wasn’t that we decided to separate, but we decided to have a baby ‘. It has nothing to do either, we weren’t separated at the time, and it was absolutely not calculated. “ But today, while the young woman is living this second pregnancy surrounded by the people she loves, she announced to her Snapchat followers that she finally knew the sex of the baby … It remains to be seen the date on which she will announce it publicly! We can’t wait, are you?