Home News Neighbor films a man's garden in an eight-year feud

Neighbor films a man's garden in an eight-year feud

A "beloved" shrub has become the youngest victim in an "eight-year feud" between a retired firefighter and the neighbor he fell in love with.

Ian Walton and Maxine Johnson, both in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, side by side, block each other's cars, throw stuff over the fence, and call the police together for almost a decade.

But tensions have peaked again when Ms. Johnson was filmed leaning over the fence and hacking Mr. Walton's shrubs with his CCTV.

"I went out to mow the grass and saw big lumps of my bush lying on the grass," said Mr. Walton, 54.

"I knew right away that it was due to her constant bad behavior in the last eight years, so I checked the cameras.

"When I saw the footage, I was a bit angry at first, but that quickly became amusement and confusion."

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The divorced fivefold father then uploaded the video on Facebook, where it received over 1,700 views.

Although he was the last straw, the former fireman said he had no intention of reporting the incident to the police – this time.

"I did not confront her," he said.

"It was just before I left, I was nice to her again, so this last act was just the last straw.

Maxine Johnson was filmed chopping the bush while neighbor Ian Walton was on vacation (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

"I saw her out [at] the front. She looked at me directly and I just looked at her. She had every chance that I am willing to give her. "

Ms. Johnson, in her 40s, and Mr. Walton dropped out eight years ago when he moved in next door.

The two have a long history of incidents between them – even though they were friendly at first.

Mr Walton claims that the feud started only when his neighbor "purposely" dropped his car before driving to "annoy him".

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He explains that Ms. Johnson, an educator, would block his way by parking on the street, even though her own driveway was empty at that time.

The feud escalated and the police were repeatedly called to the plots, including a case where both parties claimed alleged criminal damage to a fence.

On another occasion in April 2016, a woman was arrested after she was accused of stealing garden table legs. Later, however, she was released without charge.

"I've had food thrown in my garden, cooking oil thrown over the fence, so many stupid little things I can not remember, but all completely unreasonable behavior," said Mr. Walton.

Ms. Johnson says Mr. Walton was enchanted with her and sent her love letters. (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

"The police were involved in the past, but because they are all stupid little things, they seem reluctant to pursue the case, I just said I should try to ignore it if possible."

Ms. Johnson explains that the dispute started after Mr. Walton had a crush on her – just weeks after he had moved in eight years ago.

She claims the retired firefighter sent her a series of love letters, something he strongly rejects, calling each message "fake" and "fraudulent."

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"When he moved in for the first time, he did not know where the schools or businesses were or anything or anyone," said Ms. Johnson.

"I am me, I showed him where everything was. He sent the letters within three weeks of moving in.

"The letters are not fraudulent at all. There were two letters that said he was "instantly in love with me," but he knew that I "just wanted to be friends."

"I just said" do not shit on your own doorstep. I do not believe that. "

Ms. Johnson, who has worked in public relations work, also claims that Mr. Walton damaged her fence and warned her about the petals on one of her bushes.

"He takes his drums out of the shed and hits them, or he's a vacuum cleaner and leans the vacuum cleaner against the door, he hits doors and closets too," she said.

The couple had been friends for a short time before the dispute began eight years ago (Image: Kennedy News and Media).

"As for the plant outside, the other tree was too big and he felled it earlier this year. So fair, he planted another plant.

"I explained to him that it has tiny, little white petals that stick to my car and mark the paintwork, you can not get rid of them.

"I can cut it by law to my teeth size if it gets too big. But he let it grow. He knew it would cause this problem.

I asked him to reduce it to fence height, but he did not listen. I told him that I wanted to cut it off and keep it at fence level, or you have an account for the replacement of my entire vehicle on the passenger side.

Tommy Robinson leaves Old Bailey, London, where Judge Hilliard said his case should go to the Attorney General after receiving a statement from Robinson on Monday. PRESS ASSOCIATION photo. Date of image: Tuesday, October 23, 2018. The former leader of the English Defense League (EDL) has allegedly committed contempt for the court by filming people in criminal proceedings and broadcasting footage on social media. See PA Story COURTS Robinson. The credits should be: David Mirzoeff / PA WireTommy Robinson was released from the bail after the case had been referred to the attorney general

"But he would not listen to me, I have not spoken to him since I cut the bush."

The two admit that they managed to have friendly relations earlier this year before Ms. Johnson cut the bush.

She claims that the short-lived period of peace is over because Mr. Walton behaved inappropriately by "lifting his top and asking if he lost weight."

Mr. Walton installed surveillance cameras that picked up the bush after being prompted by the police.

Essex police confirmed that they had received several reports of a continuing "neighborhood dispute" in the area.

A spokesman for the Essex police said, "We know of a neighboring dispute in Clacton after a garden fence was reportedly damaged in September 2016.

"Both parties have made counter-claims and we have informed them that the investigations have been filed, subject to further information.

"In April 2016, we arrested a woman at the age of 40 for alleged theft and she was released without charge."

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