Neighbor of Los Molles appreciates the work of municipal staff during the snowstorm on Route 222 – Municipality of Malargüe

Public Services, Civil Defense and Social Action personnel worked assisting locals and tourists during the snowstorm that occurred the previous week.

The Coordination of Public Services directed by Luis López worked hard on Route 222, Los Molles and Las Leñas.

During the days of the snowstorm, the staff was present to be able to foresee a problem and assist those who need it.

Among other tasks, they assisted a stall owner who found himself cornered with 130 goats and 40 sheep, animals that had not been fed for 5 days in the vicinity of the Pozo de las Ánimas.

Likewise, in a joint task with Civil Defense, in the western Mollar area, they assisted 3 neighbors who could not leave the interior of their posts due to the storm.

In this regard, a neighbor from Los Molles, Natalia Genoud, who thanked all the municipal staff from different areas, said that since August 14 the coordinator Luis López contacted her to organize the tasks that were going to be necessary with the arrival of the storm.

He stated that from the 16th there was a machine available that went up daily to clear the road and assist isolated people. “Thanks to the forecast we were able to coordinate with time, although the storm was much larger than we expected,” he acknowledged.

In addition, Provincial Roads and Public Services were at the disposal of the energy supplier company Edemsa because pole falls occurred and the roads between both institutions were cleared and even with the residents of the area who arrived with snowmobiles to the post of the Baigorria family.

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The same company Edemsa thanked neighbors, Provincial Highway and the Municipality in their networks for this teamwork.

Regarding the rescue of animals Natalia said: “The people of the municipality were risking their lives, crossing the river on foot to be able to cross the animals”, and closed “We have only words of gratitude since together we managed to get ahead in front of this great snowstorm ”.

For her part, the director of Social Action, Viviana Mosca went to the place to assist families in the area with food, thus reaching one of the last positions of the family meeting with the Baigorria family who on Thursday requested help from Acción Social and they were immediately able to attend.

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