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Home Sport Neil Lennon Hits Back After Criticism - It's Not Brendan's Way

Neil Lennon Hits Back After Criticism – It's Not Brendan's Way

NEIL LENNON has hit back at claims he is a 'hairdryer manager' after the Irishman came out and hit his players after a 0-0 draw against Hibernian on Sunday.

These sent bells are ringing from fans who have had the past two years. Brendan Rodgers and any criticism he would have had in the dressing room

Neil found the Easter Road frustrating and proceeding to say they were on holiday already and he was not happy with some of their attitudes.

Neil is hoping to get the Celtic gig full time, while he should be able to speak.

Asked about his Sunday interview and what happened after the game, Neil told SunSport:

"I have been involved in this club for a long, long time.

"I'm following in great footsteps and maybe it's not Brendan's way, the way I approach games.

"Listen, I have this reputation as being a hairdryer type manager. Not at all. But there are times when they need to be told.

Lennon believes he is a better and calmer manager since the first time he was in charge of the club, but maybe he's finding out when it comes to the Celtic job, it's hard to put that into practice.


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