Neither Škoda Prediaq nor Sharyaq will hit the road, it will be a promotional SUV with fins and teeth

“The names Sharyaq and Prediaq were registered by Škoda Auto as part of promotional activities connected with the upcoming hockey event this fall in the form of overseas NHL matches played in Prague,” explains Pavel Jína, press officer of the Czech representative office of the Mladá Boleslav car company, about the registration of the two names.

The new model names end with the letter “q”, which the automaker uses for the SUV model line, specifically for the Kamiq, Karoq, Kodiaq, or the electric Enyaq iV.

It is the last-named pair that is concerned with the hockey adjustment in the style of hockey teams. Škoda has already published the first image of the cars. The electric enyaq in the colors of the San Jose sharks does not lack imaginary fins, while the kodiaq looks like a saber-toothed predator from Nashville.

Škoda Auto presented a new logo


The original speculation connected the mentioned names with the car company’s upcoming electric offensive. Škoda has previously announced that it will launch three new purely electric models by 2026, with others to follow. The share of purely electric cars in the brand’s sales is to increase to more than 70 percent in Europe by 2030.

Within five years, Škoda will launch an electric car in the small car category, as well as a compact electric SUV and a seven-seat family car. The Vision 7S study offers a concrete idea of ​​a seven-seat electric SUV.