buys Netbox. Its optical network reaches half a million households

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Billionaire and owner of the operator Karel Pražák buys the Brno Netbox and the Smart Comp company, respectively. (and the whole Kaprain group) strengthened throughout the year. He bought, for example, the operator itself, Selfnet or Telly CE. He will now swallow another competitor.

Smart Comp provides optical internet Netbox especially in Brno, but internet television Kuki all over the Czech Republic. Even according to previous acquisitions, is probably interested in more optical networks, where it is already one of the largest players. The company started years ago as a cable television operator and is now one of the largest internet providers in the Czech Republic. Only Vodafone (exUPC) or O2 are perhaps larger.

At the same time, do not confuse the acquisition of Telly CE with Telly (formerly Digi TV), which remains under the wings of Lama Energy Group. But he will get a strong player in the field of internet television in the form of Kuki. In the spring, Smart Comp also strengthened and bought half of Kuki’s internet television, which it had previously co-owned with another internet provider, Prague’s Planet A (which it had previously bought by T-Mobile). The market for ISPs and associated services is increasingly consolidating.

Optical networks are booming and a large number of operators have to rely on the CETIN network. Whoever has his own optical “wires” in the country could also have a competitive advantage. Together with Netbox, the network is to reach half a million households.

source: via E15 buys Netbox. Its optical network reaches half a million households

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