Nelly Karim in her latest photos on the sea

Nelly Karim in her latest photos on the sea

Nelly Karim, a new photographer, has posted on the sea through her personal account on the Instagram Web site, commenting on her, “Sunny day.” Nelly, currently depicting a series of disappearance, is scheduled to be shown in the next Ramadan race, and will be the role of a university doctor studying in Russia and learn the disappearance of her husband, begins a search for him. Nelly participates in the tournament: Hisham Selim, Basma, Mohamed Mamdouh, Medhat Morsi et al., Written by Ayman Medhat, produced by Gamal El Adl, directed by Ahmed Medhat. The events revolve around excitement and ambiguity. Nelly intervenes with the world of businessmen and the press. Facts she is not aware of.

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