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Nemanja Matic explains exactly why he wore no poppy during the Manchester United game

"It's just a reminder of an attack I personally felt as a young, scared 12-year-old boy living in Vrelo when my country was devastated by the 1999 bomb blast on Serbia."

Nemanja Matic explained exactly why he did not wear a poppy on Saturday afternoon in Manchester United's 2-1 win against Bournemouth.

The Serbian player was the only United player who did not wear the symbol of the remembrance day. On Sunday, a report claimed he had not worn it for "personal reasons".

In truth, Matic did not have to explain his attitude. But he did that in a very eloquent way.

The former Chelsea midfielder said the symbol reminded him of his childhood when he grew up in Serbia when the British forces participated in the bombing of NATO in the country.

Matic has previously worn a poppy and says he respects those who choose the symbol. However, he said that his decision not to wear was now a "personal choice" and he asked that his decision be respected.

You can read his full explanation here:

"I fully recognize why people wear poppies, I respect the rights of all people, and I have complete understanding of anyone who has lost relatives due to conflict.

"For me, it's just a reminder of an attack I personally felt as a young, scared, twelve-year-old boy living in Vrelo, when my country was devastated by the bombing of Serbia in 1999. I do not think so now right, that I'm wearing the poppy on my shirt.

"I do not want to undermine or insult the poppy as a symbol of pride in the UK, but we are all a product of our own upbringing, and this is a personal choice for the reasons stated.

"I hope everyone understands my reasons now that I have explained them and I can concentrate on supporting the team in the upcoming games."



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