Nervous Videos: The crazy frog is still alive


"The Austrians still spend hundreds of thousands of euros on ringtones" – this is the title of the daily newspaper The standard online this week. Including the image of an almost forgotten contemporary: the crazy frog. Without pants, but with a helmet and his invisible motorcycle, he has terrified generations. There remained only the reflexive handle to the remote control: Just switch quickly.

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between there are always pearls too bad for / dev / null.

The TV commercials in the 2000s were less beautiful – it was really scary when it came to ringtones. However, the business must have been worthwhile. Although there was always the question in the room, who completed the subscriptions for shrill, squeaky voice messages at Jamba and Co – no one has admitted that, right?

Bad tongues could be due to the default-Articles claim: were probably the Austrians. And still are. You can eat schnitzel, pastries too, otherwise they are just 20 years back. Polyphonic ringtones were from a time before our smartphone. Because now almost any recording can be easily converted. No, the boom is over, according to Statista, but in 2017 there were still about 700,000 ringtone purchases in Germany. Ten years ago, it was a whopping 9.5 million.

Jamba, the ringtone – and Nerv-Primus, who has been in constant trouble with consumer advocates, has expanded its portfolio and is now making games as well. And in funny little video snippets. If you have a WhatsApp group, with your family, work colleagues, the bowling club, then you might suspect that the company (after Freenet after a detour to Rupert Murdoch, by the way) is still on their minds.

Unless they find the Schnuffel Bunny totaaaal sweet. Yes, Schnuffel and Baby Vuvu come from Jamba. The Crazy Frog is not so in (but like Schnuffel has its own Wikipedia article), instead a pesky, of course, crazy, cow is announced. So they are still bouncing and squeaking, now packed in holiday greetings and good start-to-the-day wishes. Funny? Rare. From the TV into the mobile phone and then onto the smartphone, almost unnoticed.

Incidentally, these dubiously spreading mini-videos may not be forwarded. I do not say that because I hope to be able to stop the epidemic. The contract that users conclude with Jamba says: "All products of the provider are protected by copyright and trademark protection law.The user is entitled to store the products on his mobile phone.Other storage, especially the transfer to another mobile phone, is prohibited . "

While the terms of use are present on the website, it seems impossible to find a prize before registering. To get an overview of packages and subscriptions, you first have to leave your own phone number. 4.99 euros a month, writes the standard. I kept my number with me.

After all, it does not shrill off the TV: Send the password 'frog' to five times the five. But who of you …? Oh well, nobody admitted at the time.


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