Nesna is rebuilt as a place of study by the Støre government – NRK Nordland

The college offer at Nesna, which has 1,800 inhabitants, was closed down by the board of Nord University in 2019.

But now the small village of Nesna on the Helgeland coast will once again have a college offer.

It was Aftenposten who wrote about the re-establishment first.

The party leader in the Center Party, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, confirms to NRK that this has been an important issue for them in the government negotiations.

– The Center Party and the Labor Party have decided that we will re-establish and have a full-fledged college at Nesna. We will restore primary and secondary education. We will also see if we can put even more offers there, and we want a center for decentralized and district-oriented education and research at Nesna, says Vedum to NRK.

Nesna mayor Hanne Davidsen says that she was taken to bed by the news tonight.

– We get everything we have asked for. It is completely incredible! It’s almost impossible to believe. I am so happy! Now it will be a full party, says a very happy mayor to NRK on Tuesday night.

– Did you believe that it would work out?

– I had a hope, but I was not sure. This means a lot to the region. We do not have much education on Helgeland, and the little we have we are in danger of losing. So this has everything to say.

Heavy investment

The party leader makes no secret of the fact that work will now be done to form a completely different and better offer at Nesna in the years ahead.

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– We want to have a heavy investment in Helgeland. We need more teachers with teacher education in Nordland.

He adds that it will not be long before the work begins.

IMPORTANT FOR Q: Nesna has been important to Vedum and the Center Party in the government negotiations.

Photo: Ida Cecilie Madsen / NRK

– Now we will go from the time from when we only had a defensive battle to that we will build up and develop the college and have a heavy commitment. The new government will do what we can to ensure that this starts as early as next spring.

According to Vedum, an important argument for re-establishment is that small places must also be offered higher education.

– It is important for people that we have teacher educations spread around Norway and that we have the type of higher education institutions in small places. Therefore, we must build on Nesna, and not down as the current government has wanted.

Became more famous

The reason for the closure was that the school in the eyes of Nord University was not attractive enough. The study offer was primarily group-based, with 430 students. Only 21 were present on campus as usual, the rest only attended gatherings a few weeks a year. There were small professional environments among the employees.

When asked about this, Vedum answers the following:

– It has been an incredibly tough time for the entire college in the area, but it has also made Nesna much more famous. When we now have a government that stands up for Nesna, puts resources there, and lifts it, we can hope that we get a better and more attractive educational institution.

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– This will be a project for the government that is put into full force together with the environment on Nesna and the other environments on Helgeland. It will be a joint project.


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