Netanyahu promised to save millions of Iranians from drought

Netanyahu promised to save millions of Iranians from drought

The Prime Minister of Israel said that the Internet will be posted on Farsi data on water technologies that will help Iran cope with the drought and prevent famine. The video of the application is published in facebook premiere. In the statement, the Israeli prime minister noted, referring to the Iranian authorities’ data, that 96% of the territory of Iran is somehow susceptible to drought. He also added that 50 million Iranians can leave their homes because of climate change. Advertising

“Israel knows how to prevent an ecological catastrophe in Iran. I want to share this knowledge with the Iranian people … We will launch a website in Farsi with detailed instructions on how to process waste water, save crops and feed our families, “Netanyahu said. The prime minister stressed that Israel considers the Iranian people “good and worthy”, but complained that he had to face the policy of “hard regime”. Earlier in Iran, they capacity building on enrichment of uranium.

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