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Netanyahu thanks Trump for announcing new sanctions against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked US President Donald Trump for imposing sanctions on Iran. About this head of government wrote on your twitter.

“Thank you, Donald Trump, for your historic decision. Sanctions are really close, "wrote Netanyahu, referring to the post of American president in the style of the series" Game of thrones "

November 2, President Trump posted in his Twitter a new photo with the words "sanction is near" and the date is November 5. The inscription on the photo is a reference to the slogan of the series “Game of Thrones” “winter is near”, and the date is the beginning of a new wave of sanctions against the energy sector of Iran. At the same time, the US television channel HBO stated that it considers undesirable to use quotations from its own series, which are a trademark, for political purposes.

The November US sanctions against Iran are directed against its energy sector – the main source of the Iranian budget currency. With these measures, Washington wants to stop Tehran from demonstrating “malicious behavior”, in particular, by intervening by force of arms in the affairs of the Middle East. This wave of sanctions is the second in several months.



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