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Netflix attracts more than 5 million subscribers in France

A real steamroller. The video streaming giant Netflix now claims more than 5 million subscribers in France. A performance achieved only 4 years and a half after his arrival in France and which reflects an exponential growth of the group in the territory. For good reason, the previous unofficial count, published in April 2018 by Release, he attributed 3.5 million subscribers in the country. The platform is thus getting closer to Canal +, the national champion of pay TV, which had nearly 8 million individual subscribers in France in the 3rd quarter of 2018, including customers who subscribe to offers via telecom operators. .

The American group, which had launched in September 2014 in France, quickly cut the croupiers to the French TV groups, to the point of pushing France Televisions, TF1 and M6 to tie last year a completely new alliance, which must give birth to a common and paid online platform, called Salto.

Profits up in 2018

The crazy race ahead of Netflix continues. As the market prepares to enter a turbulent zone with the announced arrival in 2019 of several big competitors (Disney, NBC Universal, Apple in particular), the financial results of the fourth quarter of 2018, published in January, show that Netflix continues to amplify its lead at a breakneck pace. Overall, the company has shown very strong results. The firm led by Reed Hastings has 139.3 million subscribers, an increase of 25.9% year on year. In detail, the platform gained 8.8 million new subscribers in the last three months of the year, bucking the analysts' optimistic predictions, which stood at 7.5 million.

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Among these recruits, 7.8 million are outside the United States, which confirms two things: Netflix does not really have room for maneuver in its domestic market, which already dominates the head and shoulders. But its international growth strategy, thanks to massive investments in original content, particularly in Europe, is bearing fruit. Netflix, for example, went from 57.8 million subscribers to 88.1 million subscribers outside the United States (+30.3 million), while its progression was significantly lower (52.8%). 60.1 million subscribers, or +7.3 million).

Growth largely driven by the international

Sign that its American conquest is over, Netflix has just announced its largest price increase in the United States. The basic offer will go from $ 7.99 to $ 8.99 and its most complete offer, which allows to watch four screens at a time in very high definition, will cost $ 15.99, instead of $ 13.99 dollars. A way for Netflix to support the cost of its original content, more and more numerous, in a context where competition is still weak, so with little risk of massive customer leakage.

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The changeover from business to international is also verified in the income column. Until 2017, Netflix achieved more revenue in the United States than in the rest of the world. In 2018, the situation reversed. If the US market remains more profitable than the international market (the margin on variable cost is 34.2% in the United States in the last quarter of 2018, against 9.8% internationally), the turnover abroad reached 2.35 billion dollars, against 2.06 billion for the United States. In total, the company posted an increase in revenues of 27%, to 4.82 billion dollars, only slightly less than predictions of Wall Street.


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