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Like my fellow Peaky Blinders fans, I can’t wait to hear this theme song again. Attached, of course, to a brand new season of the show – something we now know will come in early 2022. Favorites like this are different for everyone. But for me? One of my favorite Netflix titles is the one that sets the perfect mood for Tommy Shelby and the rest of the Birmingham gang. You know, the one on the gathering storm and the tall, handsome man (“In a dusty black coat / with a red right hand”).

All of that to say, like someone needs a refresher – music is an integral part of so many Netflix experiences that we enjoy. And not just music, but podcasts as well. As a result, Spotify has teamed up with Netflix to launch a new Netflix hub on the audio streaming service, bringing together soundtracks for the best Netflix shows, official playlists and more.

Spotify’s new Netflix hub

Spotify and Netflix have teamed up for the first launch of an all-new Netflix audio hub. Image source: Spotify

Spotify announced the partnership on Tuesday morning. And while it doesn’t seem like my beloved Peaky Blinders is in the mix, whether as a soundtrack album or playlist, there’s still plenty of Netflix audio to enjoy here. “Within the hub, fans will have easy access to official playlists of trending TV hits like La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), Bridgerton and On My Block, as well as the soundtrack from shows like Squid Game, Bruised and Cowboy. Be-bop.

“The creators are also here to explore shows and movies you can’t stop talking about on Netflix related podcasts like Okay, Now Listen, Netflix Is A Daily Joke, 10/10 (highly recommended) and The Crown: The Official Podcast. ”

Spotify says that one of the first centerpieces of this strengthened partnership is an enhanced album experience for Netflix’s new original Western film, The Harder They Fall. This audio experience will include a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the soundtrack, led by Jay-Z. Additionally, there will be exclusive audio liners from artists like Kid Cudi, Koffee, and Ms. Lauryn Hill. And listeners will be able to access these Spotify features through Canvas, Storylines, and Playlist Clips.

Netflix songs, soundtracks and podcasts

If you’re another Narcos fan like me – and I think this franchise will be one of the best ever on Netflix – there is also an official playlist for the series that you can enjoy through this hub.

It includes 167 songs (for about 10 hours of content).

Listeners can also enjoy soundtrack albums from hit Netflix movies, like the newly released Red Notice. As well as the highly anticipated The Power of the Dog from director Jane Campion.

Money theft

one dark haired man and two women with gunsone dark haired man and two women with gunsA scene is shown from Season 5 of “Money Heist” on Netflix. Image Source: Tamara Arranz / Netflix

And the content doesn’t stop there. In honor of the upcoming Part 2 of the final season of La Casa De Papel (aka Money Heist), Spotify also announced that it has refreshed the destination La Casa De Papel. “There you’ll find new videos from the cast and the show’s official playlist with tracks from the latest episodes.

“Dedicated fans can also take their connection to the series a step further with a quiz that is sure to delight you. Take the character matches playlist quiz to discover your perfect match between the character and the soundtrack of La Banda.