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Under the category “Palestinian stories”, Netflix shows stories from the best filmmakers from the Arab world, the streaming giant writes in a press release.

A total of 32 films and documentaries have been published for viewers around the world.

Palestinian filmmaker May Odeh collaborated with Netflix to create this collection.

She guarantees that people around the world will love the movies.

Salt of This Sea is one of several award-winning Palestinian films that you can now watch on Netflix.

Foto: Netflix

– Palestinian stories are authentic. Since Palestinians do not live a normal life, even the simplest story will be extraordinary. These are stories you will not see in the rest of the world.

Several of her films are part of this collection.

Israeli films and series have dominated

Israeli movies and series have long been popular on Netflix.

One of these series is “Fauda”, the political thriller series based on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Fauda is an Arabic word for chaos. And chaos? We always find that in war and conflict.

The series tells two sides of the same story, and has been praised for being a balanced story that showed understanding of both the Palestinian and Israeli points of view.

Asbjørn Slettemark

Asbjørn Slettemark thought it was important that Netflix now invests more in Palestinian films.

Photo: Trettmann

It was at least in the beginning, says series reviewer in Aftenposte, Asbjørn Slettemark.

According to critics, recent seasons have not done this as well.

– The series has developed into a pure Israeli revenge series against Palestinian terrorists. Then came the criticism of “Fauda” and Netflix that the series is only Israeli propaganda, Slettemark says.

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But why does Netflix choose to do this now?

Slettemark believes it has been important for Netflix to provide a balance based on criticism of series such as “Fauda”.

But ultimately it’s about money, says Slettemark.

– Netflix will make money by serving its audience. One way to do this is to focus heavily on local content. They will find the best, best-selling stories from every little corner of the world.

And if this can give them a good reputation, good content and more viewers, then of course they do.

A balanced image

Line Khateeb

Line Khateeb is the chair of the Palestinian Committee in Norway.

Photo: Birte Bødtker / Palestine Committee in Norway

Line Khateeb, head of the Palestinian Committee in Norway, believes that “Fauda” and some other Israeli series help to create a thin image of Arabs and Palestinians as a people.

She is pleased that Netflix is ​​now also focusing on Palestinian stories.

– The narrative of the Middle East in American and Israeli films and series shows a caricatured image of Arabs and Palestinians, Khateeb believes.

Therefore, this launch is good news – these films help to balance the image of the Middle East.

– Films from the Palestinian and Arab worlds are often missing in the mainstream media. This affects our understanding of culture, language and music. It is great that this is now being made available to a wide audience, says Khateeb.

In an email to NRK, a spokesperson from Netflix replies that they are proud of this collection.

– We are launching this collection because we want more people around the world to have access to experience fantastic stories, and to have the chance to see their lives represented on screen. We are proud to bring Arab series and films to the world, and showcase exceptional talents and filmmakers from the region.

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