Netflix goes for new success with war film ‘Blood & Gold’

Movie news – Netflix gives us the war film ‘Blood & Gold’ from Friday 26 May. After the previous success with the film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, Netflix hopes to score big again.

Stream Blood & Gold from Friday 26 May at the streamer. Expectations are high from many after previous successes of Netflix.

Common enemy

Blood & Gold is about the deserter Heinrich. He is on his way to his daughter when he is stopped by an SS troop. When they leave him hanging from a tree, he is rescued at the last moment by farmer Elsa.

Together they take on their common enemy for justice and their families. An explosive search for a Jewish gold treasure begins and reveals many secrets.

Direction and cast

There are roles in the film for Robert Maaser, Marie Hacke, Alexander Scheer and Roy McCrerey, among others.
The film is directed by Peter Thorwarth, who also directs the films Blood Red Sky in The Last Bull be in his name.

First reactions

A number of people have already admired the film. One of the first reactions we can read on Rotten Tomatoes is therefore positive.

“‘Blood & Gold’ is a very good film and perhaps the best of its kind after ‘Inglourious Basterds’.”

On Netflix

Stream the film from Friday 26 May at the service.

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2023-05-25 12:14:49