Netflix Sex Film ‘Blonde’ With Ana de Armas Is Going To Shock You


Director Andrew Dominik has been working for some time on a fictionalized Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde. The film makes history because it is Netflix’s first NC-17 film, although Dominik is personally surprised by that rating.

“I thought we colored within the lines. But I think if you let a bunch of men and women in a boardroom talk about sexual behavior, the men might be concerned about what the women will think. It’s just crazy time. It’s not like we’re portraying fun sexuality, more ambiguous situations,” said Dominic.

NC-17 movie
Ana de Armas can be seen in the film as Norma Jeane, in the film adaptation of the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. Norma’s rise to stardom is a re-imagining of Monroe’s life. We see how an unwanted child becomes the most wanted woman in the world.

As for the rating, Dominik said: “It’s dangerous to think for other people. But who knows. Somehow I think if given the choice, I’d rather see an NC-17 version of Marilyn Monroe’s story. We know her life is on the brink was, given the way it ended. Do you want to see the version with warts and all, or a polished one?”

Blonde should be on Netflix this year.