Netherlands – Czech Republic 0: 2 (Minutes)


Tournament: European Championships
Stadium: Pushkash Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
Audience: 44 859


End of the match.


Petr Shevchik was replaced by Adam Hlozek.


Alex Krall replaces Tomasz Holesz.


Stephen Bergus replaces Patrick van Anhalt.


The Daily Blind comes out, and Iurien Timber takes his place.


GOAL! PATRICK CHIC! A quick counterattack ended with a pass in the penalty area to Patrick Schick, who overcame Vaclik with a precise shot on the ground.


Lukasz Masopust leaves the pitch being substituted by Jakub Jankto.


Martin de Roon was replaced by Vout Weghorst.


GOAL! TOMAŠ HOLEŠ! A cross from a corner kick to the far post and she was returned to the other, where Holesh proved to be the most resourceful and scored with a header.

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Passing parallel to the door, the ball reached Kaderjabek, who entered the penalty area and shot, but at the last moment Denzel Dumfries managed to kill.


Daniel Malen has been replaced by Quincy Promes


Yellow card for Vladimir Tsoufal.


Matthias De Licht received a red card after playing with his hand. Referee Sergei Karasev reviewed the situation through VAR, and sent the player under the showers prematurely.

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Daniel Malen was brought out in a beautiful way by Memphis Depay. The footballer came face to face with Vaclik and tried to go around him instead of shooting. The Czech goalkeeper kept calm and saved.

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Dumfries received a yellow card.


Beginning of the second part.



End of the first half.


Masopust found himself in the Dutch penalty area and passed to Barak. He who fired, but at the last moment a defender of the “tulips” stretched his leg and took a corner.


Doniel Malen’s shot from close range. However, the shot was parried by a Czech defender.

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Chic shoots hard with his left foot from the arc of the penalty area. The ball bounced at the feet of Martin de Roon, but Stekelenburg saved.


Referee Sergei Karasyov gave the players a break for water because of the heat.

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Van Aanholt’s sharp cross from the left, but the Czech defense prevented a possible more serious danger.


Dumfries was brought out with a great pass in the penalty area. A small corner kick followed, but Kalash blocked the ball’s path.



Start of the meeting.

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The Netherlands will face the Czech Republic in the eighth-final clash of Euro 2020, which will be played from 19:00 at the Puskas Arena in Budapest. Frank de Boer’s team has been declared the favorite, but the Czechs are a tough opponent and have proven it with their game so far.

In Group C, the Netherlands finished with a total of 9 points and 8 goals scored – the most of all so far. The Oranges beat Ukraine (3: 2), Austria (2: 0) and Northern Macedonia (3: 0).

Yaroslav Shilhavi’s team qualified for the round of 16 as one of the 4 best third teams. He started with a victory over Scotland (2: 0), then made 1: 1 with Croatia, and in his last match lost to England (0: 1), but this did not prove fatal.

The captain of the Czech Republic hangs for the match with the Netherlands

The captain of the Czech Republic hangs for the match with the Netherlands

Vladimir Darida missed today’s training

Since becoming an independent country, the Czech Republic has never been eliminated in the round of 16 of the European Championships. After the final in 1996, the team always stumbled one step earlier than the previous championship: the semifinals in 2004 and the quarterfinals in 2012. Ambitions are now a negative trend to be broken, which means that the Czechs must overcome the Netherlands.

The Dutch have not recorded 4 consecutive victories in the European finals since 2000, when Frank de Boer was part of the team. After this period, the “tulips” can only boast a quarterfinal in 2008, which is too little for the claims of local fans. De Boer has come under constant criticism for imposing the 3-4-2-1 system instead of the traditional 4-3-3 for the Orange, but at this stage the results are in his favor.

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The dilemma for the Dutch coach is whether to put on top of the attack Vaut Weghorst or Daniel Malen, who is said to be a transfer target for Liverpool. Martin de Roon is expected to return to the starting 11 after receiving a break against Northern Macedonia. The most serious hopes are placed on Memphis Depay and the great leader of the team Georgino Vainaldum. Frankie de Jong is also among the most important in the team.

The captain of the Netherlands received an award from UEFA

The captain of the Netherlands received an award from UEFA

He was named “Player of the Match” in the match against Northern Macedonia

The Czechs will be without left back Jan Boril, who has been penalized for accumulating cards. His place will be taken by Ales Mateu. No other changes are expected. The author of three goals from the beginning of the championship Patrick Schick will act in front positions, supported by Jakub Jankto, Vladimir Darida and Lukasz Masopust. A pair of inside midfielders will be Thomas Sucek and Alex Kral.

The Netherlands and the Czech Republic created one of the most memorable matches of Euro 2004, when the “orange” took the lead with 2: 0, but lost with 2: 3. The last match between them, played in October 2015, ended with the same result in favor of the Czechs.

Frank de Boer: We can achieve something great, but our task is difficult

Frank de Boer: We can achieve something great, but our task is difficult

“We have to play at the top of our capabilities”