Netherlands, Groningen: Two dead discovered in cinema

Two bodies were found on Saturday in a cinema in the Dutch city of Groningen. The police claim to be reporting a crime. Interrogators investigated the building and the surrounding area, the city police said on Twitter.

Several officials were on site and the surroundings of the Filmtheater Pathé in the city center had been sealed off. The police denied, also via Twitter, a rumor that the bodies had been found in the garage next to the cinema. "That's not true, they were found in the cinema, where exactly we do not share."

In local media it was also said that the two dead were discovered in the morning by employees of the cinema. As reported by the local news channel RTV Noord, a parking garage belonging to the same building complex is also closed off. Drivers who have parked their cars there are not allowed in, reports the station.

Pathé is a chain of more than two dozen multiplex cinemas in the Netherlands. The movie theater in Groningen, where the dead have now been discovered, has nine rooms and can accommodate almost 1700 visitors.

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