Netherlands: Khephren Thuram recounts the chambering of his brother Marcus after his missed opportunity

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Launched Friday evening by Didier Deschamps for his great debut for the France team against the Netherlands, Khephren Thuram was kindly teased by his brother Marcus, who chambered him after his missed opportunity at the very end of the match.

Obviously, the story is already very beautiful, but it could have been fabulous. Came into play in the 89th minute on Friday during the victory of the Blues against the Netherlands (4-0) at the Stade de France, for the start of qualifying for Euro 2024, Khéphren Thuram almost celebrated his great debut in selection by a goal.

In additional time, the OGC Nice midfielder had the opportunity to score. After a scraped ball in the center of the field, he was able to progress, before taking his chance. His shot unfortunately lacked power to beat Jasper Cillessen (90th + 2). Not enough to spoil his first in the blue jersey, even if his brother Marcus, who remained on the bench under the eyes of their dad Lilian present in the stands, took the opportunity to gently room him at the final whistle.

“Marcus made fun of me a bit”

“It’s a perfect night, we won and I had the chance to go in. I was focused to do my job well. I’m proud of myself. My chance? I took the ball badly, that I didn’t ask myself any questions, I accelerated when I saw that I had space. Marcus told me that he was very happy for me, very proud. He a little made fun of me because of my crushed shot. (smile) He’s the best big brother, he’s always behind me, it’s the same for me, we’re like that”, told in the mixed zone the 21 year old young player.

Who was also entitled to the advice of the new captain Kylian Mbappé. “What he told me after my shot? That I had played well, just that we needed to press more. He encouraged me to continue doing this type of action.” The youngest of the Thuram brothers also revealed what Lilian told them at the end of the meeting: “I saw him, he told me he was proud of us and that we had to keep working. ” See you Monday for the rest of the playoffs with a trip for the Blues to Dublin to challenge Ireland (8:45 p.m.).

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