Netherlands. She creates her own business and embezzles €140,000 in 6 years

In full professional retraining, Samantha* intends to launch herself as a freelancer in the well-being sector. We are in 2015. The Mosellane is then assisted in its efforts by Cap Entreprendre, a cooperative of activities and employment, in Forbach, whose mission is to support project leaders in the creation and development of their activity. .

Under the terms of the contract, the young business creator must declare the amount of her turnover to Cap Entreprendre, pay a little more than 10% to the structure which, in exchange, offers her a range of services. : legal accommodation, provision of its Siret number, professional civil liability insurance, administrative management and accounting. But the 50-year-old, present at the hearing on Monday June 27 at the Thionville court, will not keep her word.

From 2015 to 2021, it will knowingly omit to communicate its true turnover. €140,000 were embezzled, a sum which she admits to having concealed, on an idea from her husband at the time, who worried him about complicity in breach of trust. A man with whom she is currently in the process of divorce, tried for domestic violence (physical and psychological) against her, and presented as “the instigator of the process” by the public prosecutor, Brice Partouche. The pot of roses was discovered during the divorce proceedings. The husband had then asserted his rights before the judge of family affairs, and specified that his wife reduced his income.

€25,700 in damages

The lawyer for Cap Entreprendre argued his loss of earnings on the contributions of turnover. He claims €15,700 in financial damage and €10,000 in non-pecuniary damage. The quantum of the prison sentence set by the public prosecutor for the two defendants amounts to 2 months suspended, backed by a fine of €5,000, half of which is suspended.

Deliberate on September 26.

*Name has been changed