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If you are a low-volume user, but want to experience the 5G network, you can consider the low-volume plan of the network provider. However, there are so many choices for 5G Plans. In the end, the network providers will be the first to be the most flat, and then to arrive? In this article, I will try to sort out the 30GB Plan monthly fees of various network providers. The monthly fees of the network providers below are the most flat. Check it out!

In this article, we will compare three main network providers, namely CMHK, Hong Kong Broadband (HKBN) and China Unicom, because these three network providers offer 30GB Plan, csl. The minimum Plan is 50GB after 12GB, so Everyone’s conditions are different, and this article does not compare them; SmarTone mainly pushes $298 / 110GB, and the net department has a student plan with 30GB first; as for 3HK, there is no low-volume plan, and the minimum threshold is tight 60GB.

China Unicom

I would like to talk about China Unicom first. Recently, the main channel has a new discount, which is the “National Day Limited Offer”. The monthly fee of $101 has 30GB data + unlimited 1Mbps data usage, and 3GB China data usage is included, and a 24-month contract is required. , the number portability transfer to Taiwan Zhongyou can be exempted from the monthly fee for 1 month, that is, the average monthly fee is $96.8. At the same time, if you apply online, you will be exempted from administrative fees, send one card and two accounts, and send 4GB of local data, that is, the total has 34GB, which seems to be the most affordable 30GB plan at present.

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The basic monthly fee of CMHK 30GB 5G plan is $198, which requires a 30-month contract, 6-month fee waiver for number porting, and an additional 1-month monthly fee waiver for online store applications, with an average monthly fee of $151.8, also after 30GB is used up , unlimited 1Mbps continue to use, including unlimited talk minutes. In addition, CMHK’s plan has 2GB of China and Macau data per month, which is more “Macau” than China Unicom, but it uses 1GB less.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 8.18.49 pm 8.18.49.jpg


The monthly fee for HKBN 30GB 5G plan is $124, and the contract period is 24 months. Compared with CMHK and China Unicom, there is no data package in China, and there is no unlimited call minutes, but 3000 minutes per month, but in this era, 3000 minutes should theoretically be enough. The most special part of HKBN’s plan is that it will include a 12-month Disney+ plan, worth $876. If you are interested in Disney+ movies, the monthly fee of $124 is not too much. What about netizens?

Screenshot 2022-09-20 8.19.45 pm

Compete against CMHK, Hong Kong Broadband, China Unicom 30GB 5G monthly plan

CMHKHKBNChina Unicom
monthly fee$151.8
(7-month monthly fee waiver)
(Free 1 month monthly fee for transfer)
Administrative fee///
contract period302424
local data usage30GB30GB30GB
(Online application will send more 4GB)
China data usage2GB/3GB
Unlimited data speeds thereafter1Mbps1Mbps1Mbps
call minutesunlimited3000unlimited
other/12-month Disney+ plan
(worth $876)
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