Network users criticize pyrotechnics show in Caracas :: La Prensa de Lara

Jesus Pérez | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB) ended this Friday the celebration of its centenary with a fireworks show over the sky of Caracas. It was the defense minister, Vladimir Padrino López, who announced the act as a “present“to the capital city, but users on social networks did not see it that way.

“More lights of joy will illuminate our Caracas sky,” López wrote minutes before the event, which was later broadcast on the state channel, Venezolano de Televisión (VTV).

We are starving and working, but since there are tickets for fireworks, “commented a user on the social network Twitter.

“I just heard and saw Disney’s own fireworks in the distance, I thought they were bombing Caracas“said another user named @merlinvidal.

Several people, on social networks, agreed that, instead of investing money in pyrotechnics, medical supplies should be purchased, in the framework of the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Because they didn’t spend that millionaire of money to buy supplies for doctors and nurses, it would have been more relevant,” said @ josean1509.



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