Networked sports – together for movement

SPORT CONNECTED is an initiative of the Auridis Foundation and ALBA BERLIN, which works together with sports clubs and other driver organizations across Germany on a social space-oriented sports idea.

The social space-oriented sport idea enables all children of kindergarten and primary school age to have low-threshold access to exercise. Through the networking of non-profit organizations, sports clubs, elementary schools, day-care centers and the municipality, entry and transitions into sport are successful. To this end, qualified club trainers offer weekly sports activities at day care centers and elementary schools. The aim is for the children to develop a passion for exercise early on through motivating offers and for them to remain active as recreational or professional athletes for life as adults.

We are active with the SPORT NETWORKED project in the Prohlis district. In this we organize a weekly exercise offer at the Prohliser Kinderland daycare center and two all-day offers at the 120th elementary school.