Neu-Ulm: Attack on a gas station in Neu-Ulm: the police catch two suspects near Paderborn

A gas station on Ringstrasse in Neu-Ulm was attacked at the end of last year. Two suspects have now been arrested in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Four raids within a few months had taken place around the turn of the year Neu-Ulm happened. In two cases, both in Offenhausencould the policeAs reported, suspects have already been identified. Now there is a third case that is about to be clarified: On December 19, 2021, a gas station on Ringstrasse was the target of two masked men. According to the police, they stole a low three-digit sum of cash at the time. They have been in custody since Thursday.

As the police announced on Friday, after extensive investigations, the criminal police Neu-Ulm, two Polish nationals were identified as suspects in the robbery that had been committed. In the context of search measures, it was then determined that the men were still in Germany, but would change their whereabouts frequently.

Attack on a gas station: Suspects arrested in Büren in the Paderborn district

Further investigations would have shown that they would currently be in the Paderborn area in North Rhine-Westphalia. The suspects were arrested on Thursday in Büren in the Paderborn district by the Paderborn criminal police on the basis of warrants and search warrants requested by the Memmingen public prosecutor’s office.

The 32 and 44-year-old men were brought before the responsible investigating judge at the Paderborn District Court on the same day and then taken to different prisons.

Of those four armed robberies from back then, the crime in Burlafingen remains. In January, two masked men visited the Finkbeiner beverage store there and stole a four-digit sum of money. Despite a suspended reward, no investigative success could be reported here. (AZ/chrome)

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