Neuburg: Neuburg is getting an Arthaus Festival: viewers can decide for themselves

In order to tickle the senses of the Neuburg cinema lovers in the time after Corona, Roland Harsch initiated an extraordinary campaign: a film festival with an Arthaus character. It becomes familiar, laconic and intellectual.

The halls are dark, the seats empty. The cinema at the pulse of strange times. For the Neuburg cinema palace operator Roland Harsch, the months that lie behind him are still no reason to succumb to pessimism. No. For the time after that, the time of loosening up and opening up, he is planning a very special campaign for his movie theater: a film festival that is supposed to revive the cinema feeling in people, the need for emotionally demanding screen-screen experiences, and even kiss them awake.

Arthaus Festival in the Kinopalast in Neuburg: seven films for seven weeks

The nationwide Corona emergency brake still applies. But like Prime Minister Markus Söder At the beginning of the week, Bavarian cinemas as well as theaters, concert halls and opera houses may reopen from Monday, May 10th – as long as the seven-day incidence in the respective district is stable below 100. Tests and appointments are also part of the applicable premises of the relaxation, even if the CSU boss did not give details on the specific design of the rules. Finally a perspective for the industry. But it doesn’t work that easy. “You can’t just turn the key and the business is up and running,” says Roland Harsch. The cinema needs time to start. Until there is planning security, new films are released, people lose the inhibitions that the lockdown has trained them.

For this transition, there is now a project in the Kinopalast, which arose after a discussion with the worried regulars of the Sunday morning matinee. They asked how they could help, says Roland Harsch. Would have said they missed the cinema. That they wanted it to survive. “That touched me so much.” And so the cinema operator decided to prepare an Arthaus festival for its regulars and other visitors. With strips from the previous season, 2019, 2020. No hedonistic mainstream, but intellectual. The extraordinary that is supposed to bring this audience back into the cinema.

The Neuburg Kinopalast has thought of a special campaign for the post-lockdown phase.

Photo: Balbierer (Archive)

There should be a total of seven films that will be played over and over again at different times for seven weeks. “So that everyone has the opportunity to see them all.” The festival ticket at a flat rate includes seven tickets – each of which is valid for two: Because every visitor can invite one more person and bring them into the cinema, explains Roland Harsch . If the ticket holder does not manage to redeem all partial tickets within the two-month festival, he or she can also use the tickets later, in the arthouse cinema that has started – in this case the ticket is only valid for one person.

Arthaus Festival in Neuburg: The viewers decide which films are shown

But which seven strips will run during the festival? This is not defined by the cinema operator; film lovers should decide for themselves. Cinematographic democracy that works in two different ways, digital and analog.

The Arthaus films are listed on the Kinopalast’s website: Those interested in cinema can read through the descriptions of the 22 film titles and choose seven that they would like to see on the big screen. In parallel, the analog option: The 22 film options are also listed in the Neuburger Rundschau (see below). Cinema lovers with less internet affinity put their seven crosses there, cut out the slip of paper and simply submit it to the Kinopalast team at Längenmühlweg 57 in Neuburg. The voting is now activated for a period of three weeks until Wednesday, May 26th.

Which films could be shown at the festival? Roland Harsch has three tips.

Photo: Elisa Glöckner (archive)

Under the titles themselves, however, there are different stories, sometimes shifted to the episodic, cultural, mysterious, the zeitgeist. “Poisoned Truth”, for example, describes a US feature film by Todd Haynes that deals with the environmental debate. “It’s about poisoned water and a process in which a farmer brings down a large chemical company.”

Also in the list: “Love Sarah – love is the most important ingredient” for 19-year-old daughter Clarissa, who wants to realize her late mother Sarah’s dream and therefore opens a small cake and chocolate shop in the London borough of Notting Hill. Hope between chocolate garnish and raspberry eclairs – Roland Harsch: “I haven’t seen the film yet, but I already love it.” As a third tip, the Neuburg cinema operator mentions “The most beautiful years of a life”. This is where two people meet, man and woman, who have known each other from the past, have loved each other once and will see each other again after decades – a drama à la Façon Française by Claude Lelouch with Jean Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimée.

Roland Harsch is planning a film festival for Neuburg: the cinema operator has these three tips

The festival, which is about to begin, completes the cycle of a year that was difficult to sustain for the film industry. Countless films have been postponed, rescheduled, suspended. And it will be some time before the curtains can open again for new strips, explains Roland Harsch. The Arthaus-Kino-Festival is supposed to bridge this phase creatively. The action is planned as a kind of appetizer, a delicacy that should remind the moviegoers how beautiful and eventful the cinema is. Because that’s exactly, says Roland Harsch, the motto of the Neuburg Cinema Palace: “Great moments await you.” Soon as a festival version.

Further information on the first Neuburg Arthaus Festival, descriptions of the film titles available for selection and voting options are available on the Kinopalast’s website at

These 22 film titles are available for the Arthaus Festival in Neuburg

  • “When Hitler stole the pink rabbit”: Oscar winner Caroline Link filmed the bestseller of Judith Kerr.
  • “It’s for your best”: Easily misguided parental love … Want here Heiner Lauterbach, Jürgen Vogel and Hilmi Sozer to talk her daughters out of her boyfriend. Even more. They make a plan to get rid of their future sons-in-law. Tears of laughter guaranteed!
  • Body of Christ“: The story of 20-year-old Daniel, who experienced a spiritual transformation during his stay in a juvenile prison. He wants to be a priest.
  • “Kajillionaire”: Funny, poetic, bizarre – “Kajillionaire” follows a different kind of gang of crooks.
  • “Poisoned Truth”: The environmental toxins in the PFC group are evidently more harmful to health than assumed. The film shows how the substance is made by the chemical company DuPont was brought into the world.
  • “The Secret Garden”: Magically timeless film adaptation of the eponymous classic by Francis Hodgson Burnett.
  • „Maser Cheng in Pohjanjoki“: Narrated with idyllic pictures of his Finnish homeland Mika Kaurismäki of a rapprochement between very different cultures. A comedy that goes through the stomach.
  • „Love Sarah“: It was always Sarah’s heart’s desire, one bakery to open in the London borough of Notting Hill. When she suddenly dies, her 19-year-old daughter Clarissa is determined to make her mother’s dream come true.
  • Marie Curie“: The legendary scientist who has had a lasting impact on the world of physics and chemistry. Rosamund Pike embodies one of the greatest geniuses of all time.
  • Lindenberg – do your thing”: Udo Lindenberghow the fans love him and may not have known him yet.
  • “The conductor”: The film tells the real story of how Antonia Brico became the first female orchestra leader as a woman in the 1930s.
  • “My lover – the donkey and I”: A wonderful actress, a stubborn donkey and a breathtaking natural backdrop make this bittersweet walking comedy.
  • „Mrs. Taylors Singing Club“: The feelgood comedy tells the story of the power of music and is full of pop evergreens to sing along to.
  • “The perfect candidate”: Haifaa Al Mansour’s comedy film about a young doctor who lives in a small town in Saudi Arabia running for city council.
  • “Symbols blaster”: Little Benni is a hopeless case. One fit of rage chases the next. Like them, their environment also suffers. She is a “system sprinkler”.
  • “Never, rarely, sometimes, always”: 17-year-old Autumn works in the countryside Pennsylvania as a supermarket cashier. When she realizes that she is pregnant, she cannot count on the help of her parents.
  • “Persian lessons”: A highly suspenseful, winding drama that tells a gripping and emotional story of the human will to survive.
  • „Narziss & Goldmund“: To Hermann Hesses World bestseller. Two contrary life plans and characters form the core of this story.
  • “The most beautiful years of life”: brings together an important couple in film history. Jean Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimee.
  • „Parasite“: The Kim family has reached the bottom. Only when the youngest of the family takes up a job as a tutor in the Park family’s villa do the Kims join the carousel of class struggles.
  • “Intrigue”: Roman Polanski History thriller describes the Dreyfus affair in an exciting way based on true events.
  • “Three-Quarter Blood – Space Tourists”: First of all, the band Dreiviertelblut appears as a Bavarian phenomenon. At second glance, however, it quickly becomes clear: This band has nothing to do with folklore and festival tent music.

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