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Neufchâtel-en-Bray: the MecanoLav company expands in the United States by opening an office in Texas

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Matthieu Vallois (front) and Alexandre Masurier (in particular in charge of the company’s communication) are looking to the future, hoping to conquer the American market even more. (© Le Réveil de Neufchâtel)

“It’s a great challenge and enormous potential”. Matthieu Vallois, general manager of the company MecanoLav based at Neufchâtel-en-Bray does not hide his enthusiasm. Indeed, the company has just opened an office in Texas. Its objective: to be as close as possible to major decision-making centers in United States.

“Attached to this local anchoring”

We are located in the Pays de Bray and that will not change. We are very attached to this local anchoring. On the other hand, to conquer new markets, it was important to be as close as possible to large American companies. We therefore now have an employee whose mission is to sell our machines while being on site.

Matthieu Vallois

If it works, the manager knows it will also open up the market to the Canada. Reaching the marketNorth America is a major stake for the Brayonne company.

Later it is towards theGermany that MecanoLav also wishes to position itself.

“It went very well”

Confident and optimistic, Matthieu Vallois and his entire team are banking on the future. If 2020 was a special year with a slower period for almost six months, MecanoLav never completely ceased its activity. The company has adapted by teleworking in particular and the continuous presence of staff in the workshops.

We have a large customer portfolio. So we couldn’t stop. This period was also a real accelerator of changes in our organization. It went very well.

Always for the sake of efficiency, and in a spirit based on respect, economy and ecology, MecanoLav and its 43 employees have succeeded in passing the course.

Here, at the level of the design office.
Here, at the level of the design office. (© Le Réveil de Neufchâtel)

“Anything that flies or anything that rolls”

At MecanoLav, we design, manufacture and manufacture machines for the unit washing of mechanical parts.

This ranges from a clockwork gear of a few millimeters to an A380 landing gear. We mainly work with automotive, railway and aeronautical companies.

Matthieu Vallois

And to add:

On everything that flies or everything that rolls, at least one of the components has passed through one of our machines.

Each customer’s part being unique, the Neufchâtel company must therefore “invent” the appropriate machine. It starts with the design office, which has to be creative all the way to the workshop where electrical assemblers, welders, mechanical assemblers, cable workers… bring the finished product to life.

Without forgetting the sales representatives, accountants and other personnel without whom the company could not live. Because each part must be microscopically cleaned before being assembled, MecanoLav’s know-how is known and recognized internationally. And the American dream may be just beginning.

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