Nevada in the United States caused cold temperatures in Honduras, reported Copeco

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Center for Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Seismic Studies (Dinner) of the Permanent Commission on Contingencies (Copeco) detailed this Sunday that in the north and Atlantic area of Honduras it will continue under the influence of the cold air mass affecting the territory.

The prefrontal trough that entered the country will continue to cause scattered and intermittent rainfall of varying intensity in the departments of the Caribbean coast. Meanwhile, in the other probable regions rains Y weak drizzles.

“However, the temperatures will no longer be so cold, the citizens in the insular area would be the most affected by this storm with rains moderate to strong. Likewise, the Honduran coast that includes the department of Cuts, Atlantis Y Colon“said Will Ochoa, forecaster for Cenaos.

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Cenaos recommends avoiding activities of the fishing on the north coast, since an oleje of up to seven feet is registered that can endanger any small boat.

“The people of Bay islands they must be alert, since there is an accumulated 185 millimeters, with risks of landslides in the mountainous sectors; the same in Tela and La Ceiba “.

Temperatures are expected to be warm from Monday and the sky is partially cloudy.

Nevada in the United States affected Honduras

The forecaster explained that the snowfall of U.S caused low temperatures in the Honduran territory.

“The rains and the cold that affects us is the same phenomenon that hit the United States; however, to Honduras only the icy air mass reached the tail. We must remember that we are still influenced by La Niña phenomenon, which causes warm temperatures in the sea and forms a blockage, that is, it prevents cold fronts from entering with great force “, the forecaster concluded.


For this day a maximum temperature of up to 26 ° C and a minimum of 18 ° C is forecast in the department of Cuts.

In Atlantis it will be up to 24 ° C and the minimum of 20 ° C. In Yoro they will reach 23 ° C and the minimum temperature will be 16 ° C.

In the department of Intibucá The coolest temperatures will be recorded with maximums of 17 ° C and minimums of 10 ° C.



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