News Nevada seeks to claim its claim in the 2020...

Nevada seeks to claim its claim in the 2020 race while Democrats collide


“For years and years, they told us that we needed a system that denigrated young men of color,” Mr. de Blasio said at the event, referring to stop and search. “They told us:” My God, if we didn’t have it, there would be crime, there would be chaos. “

Mr. De Blasio added: “I regret to inform you that, in fact, the main defender of arrest and registration is in fact running for these elections.”

Reflecting the growing impact of Mr. Bloomberg, who is increasingly emerging in the 14 states of Super Tuesday on March 3, both Mr. Biden and Mrs. Klobuchar also pursued the billionaire of free expenses on Sunday for stopping and Register and report sexist comments you have made. “The point is that $ 60 billion can buy you a lot of publicity, but they can’t erase your record,” Biden said in “Meet the Press.”

Ms. Klobuchar told the “State of the Union” of CNN: “I don’t think I should be able to hide behind the airwaves and big ad purchases.”

At his event in Carson City on Sunday, Sanders also focused on Bloomberg’s expenses and, denouncing “the power of large monetary interests and the greed and corruption of the corporate elite,” he compared Bloomberg with President Trump.

“Now, Mike Bloomberg is fighting, he has dropped to his last $ 60 billion,” Sanders said mockingly. “Hey, life is hard, you know: food prices are going up. Housing going up. How are you going to make $ 60 billion? Mike is trying.

Sanders went on to accuse Bloomberg of trying to buy the presidency. “In the middle of his $ 60 billion, he says: ‘Hey, you know, I was mayor, I’m a little retired now, I know what I would like to do: I would like to be president of the United States,'” said Mr. Sanders, and noted Mr. Bloomberg’s unusual strategy of skipping the first nomination contests. “I didn’t see Mike in Iowa, where we were holding meetings with the people there. I didn’t see it in New Hampshire. Hey, you know what, I didn’t see it here in Nevada. I didn’t see it in South Carolina. “


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