You were the underdog and you are the winner of many hearts: Croatia beat the favored Englishman in the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday. While the British mourned, the Balkans cheered. Also in Germany, many Croats and people with Croatian roots celebrated the victory of the team with motorcade and cheers. However, Croatia’s victory does not fit at all:
Til Schweiger , “Never before has a team come to the finals undeservedly,” says the actor and football expert in a video
Facebook , That his opinion could be unpopular, the 54-year-old apparently suspected. The article shows how he is punched out by a woman named “Pam” for his comment. A real Schweiger-Joke. Schweiger? “Silence!” “Fall over like Neymar” is Schweiger, jokes a commentator on Facebook back. at
Croatia Fans, the actor who currently shoots the US version of his hit movie “Honey in the Head” in Venice does not exactly appeal to his saying. But most Croats react calmly. “Silence!” Wrote one under Schweiger’s video.


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