never do this with sony’s console or you will destroy it

Do you care about your PS4? We advise you not to take this bad habit that far too many players have. It can destroy your console in the long run.

When the PS4 takes off…

If you like AAA, you know how these often exceptional games can push your PS4 to its limits. Players who own a fat PS4 and not a PS4 Pro have undoubtedly discovered that the console can serve as a radiator by rotating God of War, Horizon Forbidden West or The Last of Us Part II.

You can’t totally stop the phenomenon, but be aware that a bad habit that many PS4 players have really doesn’t help matters. We explain how avoid destroying your console on the long term.

Too close to a wall, your PS4 you will not place

There are habits that players like to keep. The place where to place his console is one. Few people regularly move their PS4. This is not a problem in itself. On the other hand, positioning it too close to a wall, yes. This is a very good way to kill your PS4 slowly. Know that you have to at least 20 centimeters around the console to allow it to breathe.

Otherwise, the hot air from the console will evacuate badly and therefore heat up much more quickly. Placed in an enclosed space, the PS4 will also accumulate dust much faster. In short, give space to your console to avoid having to play with the sound thoroughly. Or worse, having to buy one. Better to invest in a good TV stand. There is another way to keep your PS4 cooler longer : the cooling support. An object that PS5 owners can also use.

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