News New actions in Paris against pension reform

New actions in Paris against pension reform


Ports, metros, trains, refineries, Banque de France, lawyers… The mobilization against the government's pension reform continued on Wednesday, January 15, at its 42e day and on the eve of a new day of interprofessional actions where demonstrations will be organized everywhere in France, at the call of the inter-union CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, Solidaires and FSU, which demands the withdrawal of the reform .

The day was marked by new actions, such as in front of the finance ministry, where a rally was held to demand the withdrawal of the government project. At the call of six of their unions, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, CFE-CGC and FA-FP, public officials expressed their determination. "We are not going to accept a counter-reform of pensions which will (…) lead to a fall in pensions for thousands of workers and which will further discriminate against women tomorrow ", said Jean-Marc Canon (CGT, majority union), stressing the mobilization "Majority" of the civil service in the social movement in progress since December 5. "The refusal camp, it is government officials who refuse to consider any claim", he added. "We will not stop until there is a withdrawal from this regressive project and the start of a real negotiation", he concluded, amid a tide of union flags.

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Same story on the side of Labor Force (FO): "Interprofessional as a public service, the watchword is clear: withdrawal from the project, neither amendable nor negotiable, advanced Christian Grolier. No question of stopping without any of our claims being taken into account. And without us, it will not work! " Present, the secretary general of FO, Yves Veyrier, judged " necessary " to bring his "Support" to all those who mobilize while "The government is betting on exhaustion" opponents of the reform project. Asked whether the government reserves the right to take "Any measure" by ordinance, including changing the statutory retirement age to achieve financial balance, he spoke of " provocation ".

"Points are not rights and, with this universal system (points, wanted by the government), these rights tomorrow we will no longer have ”, denounced for his part Benoît Teste (Unitary Federation of Trade Unions, FSU), who insisted on the "Very strong link between pensions and the status of civil servants". For him, the new reform project is "One more opportunity, with the law on the transformation of the civil service, to destroy the status of civil servants", ensuring equal and impartial treatment of all users of public services. Representatives of SUD-Rail, federations of railway workers of the CGT and FO, very applauded, also spoke, after lighting up glowing smoke bombs, to encourage the agents to mobilize "Colleagues, parents, friends" for "Hold, hold, hold" and " to win ".

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Technical police demonstrate for their status

After Lyon on Saturday, several hundred officials from the technical and scientific police also demonstrated Wednesday in Paris, between the Assembly and Saint-Augustin, in white coats and blue gloves to claim a status similar to that of armed agents, noted a journalist from Agence France-presse.

"We have an ambiguous status when most of the people here have done fieldwork, have been confronted with criminals and regularly see corpses", explained an official of the scientific police of Marseilles, come with about thirty colleagues. Around his neck is hung a sign: " AT Charlie Hebdo, I was there too. " Behind their placards "I'm a cop", "A united police force, a unique status" or "My job is not dangerous, yet I have a bulletproof vest", all claim status "Asset", similar to that of armed agents of the national police, which in particular gives rights to an early retirement.

According to Soazig Henrio, member of the National Independent Union of Technical and Scientific Administrative Personnel (Snipat), the technical and scientific police are considered to be "A sedentary profession", similar to secretarial or accounting. While it’s a "Extremely painful job" with "A lot of obligations", continues Soazig Henrio, dressed in a blouse with false traces of blood. "We want the dangerousness and arduousness of our work to be recognized", she adds, while her union launched an unprecedented renewable strike movement since December 23.

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