New, adapted vaccines against corona virus have arrived in the district: Limburg-Weilburg district

The vaccines from the companies Biontech and Moderna, which have been adapted to the omicron variant BA1 of the corona virus, have been available in the Limburg-Weilburg district for a week now. It has been reported.

The vaccine from Biontech, which has been adapted to the omicron variant BA5, has now also arrived. In addition to a reduced amount of the original “Wuhan” vaccine, it also contains mRNA parts against the Omikron-Variante BA5. In this way, in addition to a refresher of the basic immunization, an immunization against the currently circulating omicron variant BA5 is achieved. Like the BA1 vaccine, this adapted BA5 vaccine is also only approved for booster vaccination after completion of basic immunization with one of the previously approved Covid 19 vaccines.

The vaccination call for the first and second booster vaccinations, based on the newly available, adapted vaccines, is still aimed at the following groups of people who have already been named:

  • All persons over 60 years of age
  • All persons who work in the medical and/or nursing field
  • All persons with a high risk (due to previous illnesses) of severe COVID-19 disease from the age of 12
  • All people in whose close personal environment people with a high risk of severe COVID-19 disease live or who care for such people

Of course, individual vaccination advice is given in the vaccination center for those who want to be vaccinated, taking into account the respective individual medical pre-existing conditions. In addition to the adapted vaccines, the well-known “Wuhan vaccines” for carrying out the basic immunization are still available in the vaccination center.

Comprehensive information from the Federal Center for Health Education and answers to many questions about corona booster vaccinations can be found under the following link:

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Strengthen and maintain the corona vaccination protection (infection

In order to avoid long waiting times in individual cases, the management of the vaccination center asks you to make an appointment for a vaccination on Terminland under the link: