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Ed Sheeran is releasing a new record. And for the inclined fan, it’s like rediscovering familiar territory, because the 30-year-old is so successful for a reason. It’s not for nothing that you know in advance: If it says Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran is inside. With quality. And especially songs that have it all. Top 10 hits from the new album “=” (“Equals” in German: equal) are already out with “Bad Habits”, “Shivers” and “Visiting Hours”. Catchy, different. And he also convinces with the remaining 11 songs on the new work.

A nice album. It’s (almost) nowhere boring, it’s varied, but always an Ed Sheeran album. The beautiful love songs like “Collide”, “The Joker And The Queen” or “First Times”, which he wrote for his wife Cherry Seaborn, are particularly striking. And with “Overpass Graffiti” he has another hit at the start.

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Ed Sheeran, the buddy, the guy next door who plays big arenas all by himself, knows how to write and produce songs. He has the famous knack for it and is also down-to-earth, down-to-earth, humble, personable, funny. As if it were a good friend with whom you have already seen or been through a lot. «=» Unites these attributes once more, but shows him in a new phase of life. A lot has happened in the life of the British superstar since the last work «÷» («Divide») four years ago: He got married, became a father, a good friend died.

It’s worth paying attention to the lyrics on this album. You learn a lot about Ed Sheeran. When he mentions his concerts at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 spectators, talks about lost wedding rings or sings a lullaby for his one-year-old daughter, you can tell that he is quoting from his real life as a star, husband and father.

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New records are inevitable with the work of what is currently the world’s most successful singer / songwriter. The song pearls on “=” do not suggest anything else, the album cemented its status. The guitar man, who once played his fingers sore and then slept on someone else’s couch because of lack of money, still finds the moment when he sends his music out into the world unsettling.

In an interview with GQ magazine, he revealed: “I don’t think it’s good for me to publish music, to be honest. This part is tough, it’s always been like that. It’s no fun. Basically, you are opening yourself up to the world again. I say, ‘Hey, world. I wrote this song, I think it’s really good. ‘ And everyone says, ‘Hey, Ed! That sucks!'”

Ed Sheeran makes the fans happy

«=» Fully meets expectations

The album, beautiful to cry on

Ed Sheeran was very personal in a video interview with SRF 3 music editor Gerni Jörgler. He gives private insights into the songs.

The song that made his wife cry. And a little sip of whiskey as a ritual

To the song “Collide” with the words “We drank your father’s whiskey when your grandma died” (We drank your father’s whiskey when your grandmother died), the British superstar says: “This is the line of the song that makes my wife cry. » It actually happened that way, says Ed in the video call. “We cheered on her grandma in heaven.” And adds: «Whiskey seems to be the right thing for it. Every time someone dies it happens that someone gives you a small sip for this ritual. “

Do you want to become a ballad singer? Then remember: Nothing, no feeling, is embarrassing!

The 30-year-old again shines as a ballad singer and writer (“The Joker And The Queen”, “Collide”, “First Times”) on the album. Gerni Jörgler has elicited the secret of writing beautiful ballads from him: “Honesty is the key, together with love.” Nothing should be embarrassing, he says: “As a child, I was beaten up and laughed at for expressing feelings while writing. Today these kids have grown up and say, ‘I feel the same way, but I can’t put it into words’. “

Ed Sheeran is a very normal husband and father: “I think my wife likes my songs. But she is not a fan girl »

“When I’m at home, I really try to be there. We have date nights together, go for walks and play with my daughter, ”says the father of 1-year-old Lyra.

Not everything is going smoothly with Ed Sheeran either. This also applies to his marriage proposal.

“Will you marry me” are the four words that he actually means in the lyrics to “First Times” with “the four little words”. How he said this famous sentence to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, which made the marriage proposal? “That was in Italy at the end of December 2017. I bought a ring and wanted to propose to her while taking a walk. But it started to rain and she didn’t want to go out with me. We then made bruschetta and drank some wine. And that’s when I asked her. “

Ed Sheeran live in Switzerland in September 2022!


Ed Sheeran live in Switzerland in September 2022!

On Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17, 2022, the Briton will give two concerts in Switzerland, in the Letzigrund in Zurich. There are still a few tickets left.

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You’re not a singer / songwriter if you don’t write songs for your kids.

With “Leave Your Life” and “Sandman” he wrote songs for his little daughter. This is a must for Ed Sheeran. He says: “She is a very inspiring human being. It is in the nature of a singer / songwriter that you have to write songs to express your feelings. If someone in the job doesn’t do that, I would say, ‘either you don’t have a heart or you’re not a singer / songwriter’. “

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