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Alert level part 1 follows alert level part 2. The Baden-Württemberg state government initiated the introduction of a new limit value in the state’s own level system on Tuesday. If there was previously only one alert level, there is now a second one with clearly refined rules. This alarm level should take effect from a nationwide occupancy of the intensive care beds with 450 covid-19 patients or from a 7-day hospitalization incidence of 6. Since significantly more than 450 Corona patients are currently being treated intensively as inpatients, the new level will in all probability come into effect when it is introduced.

Here we summarize the main changes that are expected to apply from tomorrow, Wednesday. As always, all information is provided without guarantee, the wording of the current Corona regulation applies, which can be read on the website of the Baden-Württemberg state government.

  • At events, e.g. at the few Christmas markets that are still taking place, the 2G rule will no longer apply in the future, but the 2G + rule. This means that access is not limited to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered, but they must now also have a negative corona test. The same applies from now on for body-friendly services or in clubs and discos. The 3G rule still applies to visits to the hairdresser, but a complex PCR test is a prerequisite for non-vaccinated and non-recovered customers.
  • In addition, exit restrictions apply again in all urban and rural districts with a 7-day incidence of more than 500, but only for those who have not been vaccinated and those who have not recovered. Apart from the known exceptions, they are not allowed to leave the house or apartment between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. When this incidence of 500 is reached in a district, the 2G rule generally applies in retail, with the exception of basic supply stores such as supermarkets, drugstores or pharmacies.
  • The maximum number of visitors to events is capped. A maximum of half of the approved capacity is still possible with immediate effect, the upper limit is 25,000 visitors.

Further rules and all related explanations can be found online on the website of the Baden-Württemberg state government. After its emergency announcement on Tuesday, the new regulation is to be put online here during the day.

Don’t forget: 3G is not obsolete either and will be mandatory in the future in means of transport and at work. In concrete terms: Anyone who has not been vaccinated or recovered must be tested daily from tomorrow in order to be able to enter the workplace, the same applies to a trip by bus, train and Co.

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