New Apple Watch app finally makes YouTube watching possible

Nice such an Apple Watch, but also limited. You can’t watch YouTube videos on your smart watch. Or rather: could. The new Watch Tube app is a game changer in that regard.

The number of apps you can put on your Apple Watch is huge. Many of them you probably never use. What many users have been waiting for is an app to watch YouTube videos on a smart watch. Their prayers have been heard by Hugo Mason, who developed this new application.

Watch Tube: Watch YouTube on your Apple Watch

The Watch Tube app (logical pun, couldn’t be better) is now available for download from the Apple Store. Free and for nothing.

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All you need to do is download the app in your Apple Watch OS app. Unlike many other features not yet provided by Apple, WatchTube has a fairly straightforward user experience.

Browsing and searching for videos

After starting the Watch Tube you can watch videos immediately. You can also browse YouTube as you would on your iPhone or web browser. Home, Search, Library and Settings are all on your wrist, with the default feed being the trending tab. You can also subscribe to users and like videos. According to the maker, privacy is guaranteed. What that claim is worth in today’s tech world is up to you.

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The Apple Series 7 keyboard works best with the app, but you can still dictate or scribble a query in the search bar if you’re using earlier models. The fact is, you can watch YouTube videos on your watch. Have fun with it.

Millions of views

If a video is viewed via the Apple watch, that also simply counts as a view. Good news for YouTubers, then. Read here how much you earn if you have million views on YouTube.

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New Apple Watch app finally makes YouTube watching possible