New Apple Watch update breaks one of the most important features

New Apple Watch the system software, WatchOS 8, breaks perhaps the most important aspect of any timepiece – being able to tell the time. Many users with Always On displays (Apple Watch Series 5 and later) find that their watch face no longer syncs the time automatically. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy Apple Watch face that doesn’t update the time to keep people on time.

WatchOS 8: How to Fix Apple Watch Face Not Updating Time Automatically

Here’s how to fix Apple Watch not updating the time on WatchOS 8 bug:

  • Change the watch face:
    1. Press and hold the current face of the watch.
    2. Slide to cycle through the different watch face options.
    3. Do not choose the “California” watch face as this is a common cause of trouble.
  • Disable the Always On display feature:
    1. Press the digital crown on Apple Watch.
    2. Enter the “Settings” menu.
    3. Select the “Display and brightness” option.
    4. Deactivate the “Always on” function.

After selecting and implementing any of the above fixes, Apple Watches running WatchOS 8 will now display the time correctly. Presumably Apple is already aware of this software issue and is working on implementing a fix in the next update. At that point, users will be able to resume using the California Watch Face with Always On Apple Watches running WatchOS 8.

Naturally, many Apple Watch users have been frustrated with this problem. Having an Apple Watch displaying the wrong time can have adverse effects, potentially causing problems in the work and / or personal lives of users. With that in mind, hopefully the Apple WatchOS 8.1 patch will arrive ASAP.

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However, Apple Watches aren’t the only Apple device frustrating users right now. Some early iPhone 13 users have issues with the screen and the camera. On the software side, iOS 15 also lacks key features like SharePlay and ProRes during the initial public launch.