new at Gagny & Les Mureaux Friday September 30 on M6 with Stéphane Plaza

Friday, September 30 at 9:10 p.m., M6 will offer the opportunity to discover a new, unpublished issue of the magazine “Maison à vente” with Stéphane Plaza.

Christophe et Christine came to live fifteen years ago with their parents, their uncle, all artists, in a large house in Gagny in Seine-Saint-Denis. But since the death of their parents and uncle, they want to settle in the South. The problem: this house of more than 200m² which requires a good refreshment is struggling to interest visitors…

Stephane Plaza will help this couple of artists to sell as quickly as possible and Sophie Ferjani will freshen up each room while keeping the charm of this house.

Marie Louise, 62, lives alone in an apartment in Les Mureaux in the Yvelines. Her biggest dream: to sell it to buy a house where she can welcome her grandson and enjoy a garden. She must imperatively sell in order to buy before her retirement and obtain a bank loan. On sale for a year, his apartment has still not found buyers.

Stephane Plaza will try to unblock the situation and Emmanuelle Rivassoux is going to bring her apartment up to date to finally fall in love with her.

Following this novel, M6 will rebroadcast two old issues of “House for sale”.