New Bonuses, there is a government “treasure” for Italians – HERE ARE THE FIGURES

The executive could soon launch a new measure to contain the expensive energy. In particular, work is being done on the extension of the cut in excise duties on diesel and petrol due on 8 July, but also to replicate what has already been done in the past months on the bills front by extending the discount for at least another quarter. So far, almost 30 billion euros have been spent to contain the effects of energy increases on households and businesses. But the government has a card to play.

According to “The sun 24 hours” in fact, in the first four months of the year there would have been an increase of 18.1% in indirect tax revenues and + 10.7% on total tax revenues. This is the so-called “extra income”, or revenue in excess of the expected tax revenue. A treasure that the government now intends to spend to extend the two bonuses on bills and gasoline. There is talk of a 5-6 billion euro provision. Just to contain the cost of price increases the distributor would need 1.16 per month. A first hypothesis is therefore that the discount on fuels is extended for another two months. At least until 8 September, and to allocate another 4 billion to bills. But if the “treasure” were to turn out to be more conspicuous, not even a more ambitious intervention is excluded.

Petrol and diesel

What is certain is that bonus or not the price of petrol and diesel has returned to exceed two euros per liter. And to say that as Federconsumatori observes just a month ago, the national average price of petrol in self mode was 1.83 euros per liter, the price of diesel at 1.835 euros per liter. According to the federation of fuel plant operators, the price at the pump could break the ceiling of 2.5 euros by the summer. If the strong discount was not renewed. The federation denounces that “in just over 70 days, more than half of the substantial cut in excise duties on petrol and diesel fuel decreed by the government was literally burned”. And, in defining the “totally out of control situation”, he invites us to “decree the return, at least for the emergency, to the administered price of fuels, as in other European countries, including Germany, we are thinking about”. source