New Bper plan in June. Profit for the quarter at 112 million – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, 09 MAY – Bper closed the first quarter of the year with a profit of 112.7 million euros, down from the 400 million in the same period of 2020, which benefited, however, from some extraordinary accounting components linked to the purchase of Ubi branches. Pre-tax profit stood at 158.3 million, up 50% compared to the normalized 105.5 million of a year ago. “The results for the quarter show strong growth in profitability, despite the difficult external environment,” says Bper. Revenues increased by 16.6% to 883.7 million, the operating result by 54% to 325.3 million.

“The current market context, characterized by high uncertainty and growing inflationary pressures, presents us with new challenges, which the Bper Group will be able to tackle effectively thanks to the progress made in terms of revenue generation, its solid capital and financial position. liquidity and the significant improvements achieved in the area of ​​credit quality. These aspects will also be further strengthened with the actions and measures envisaged in the new Business Plan which will be presented to the market in June “, said the CEO, Piero Luigi Montani.

Revenues were mainly driven by commissions, which jumped by 37.3% to 450.6 million, and the interest margin, which grew by 9.6% to 376.4 million, up 2.2% to 558, Costs are also 4 million. The results compare with a first quarter of 2021 which consolidated the branches of Ubi only starting from 22 February.

As regards the quality of assets, the gross NPE ratio remains at 4.9% and the net one at 2%, unchanged compared to the end of 2021. The capital solidity ratios improve with a fully phased Cet1 pro-forma ratio which rises in quarter from 13.5% to 13.64%, “well above” the minimum of the ECB (8.3%) and such as to allow the bank “to face with confidence the uncertainty of the current macro scenario”. (HANDLE).



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