New breakthrough .. Discover responsible for discouraging fear! The Kingdom of news quoting RT Arabic (Russia Today) We publish a new breakthrough .. The discovery of responsible for discouraging fear !, New breakthrough .. Discover the responsible for discouraging fear! The scientists discovered the brain part that discourages fear in a scientific breakthrough that can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological issues. Other. The University of Texas team identified A & M, an area of ​​the mulch called "nucleus reuniens", which masked fear in rats. "The result is that parts of the brain are important for the daunting function," said lead researcher Steven Marin, a psychologist and brain scientist at the University of Texas. Can be a way to develop new drugs and treatments for mental disorders. " © Nature Communications In a study published in Nature Communications, scientists presented rats with noise coupled with light shocks in their feet to create fear. They then subjected mice to repeated noise to suppress their fear. They then inhibited the activity of the nucleus and found that the mice were unable to suppress the fear. They then began to selectively inhibit the neurons in the cerebral cortex, related to the "nucleus reuniens" area, which also led to the mice's inability to suppress fear. © Nature Communications Scientists are now hoping to translate this scientific breakthrough into mice to develop a more targeted treatment for mental disorders in humans. Psychiatric disorders are already treated with drugs that target all neurons in the brain. PTSD can be treated including Called "exposure", a technique in behavioral therapy used in anxiety treatments. Despite its effectiveness, this type of treatment can cause relapses. Source: RT Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and transfer the news from all sources of news and facilitate reading them. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. With the greetings of the family of the Kingdom website.
The new Kingdom, a new breakthrough .. The discovery of the responsible for discouraging fear !, Follow us on the social networking sites of our site to receive you new news permanently. Source: RT Arabic (Russia Today)


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