New Caledonia: Final preparations for the near delivery of the future Koné prison

It is in October 2022 that the new generation Koné penitentiary center, designed on the Oceanian model and respectful of the environment, will welcome the first of its 120 inmates, serving sentences of between 2 and 5 years. About a hundred staff will be needed for the proper functioning of the infrastructure, made up of 12 buildings. Kitchen, sports halls, classroom, the Koné detention center aims to be a real place of reintegration, in order to bring rehabilitation and a second chance.

During an official visit followed by our colleagues from Caledonia, Edson Trebor, Director of the Koné Detention Center, presented in particular the single and double cells, respectively 9m² and 11m², of the “respect” building, which can accommodate 40 detainees: ” This is one of the few cells where we will have the possibility of doubling the detainees, those who wish to do so, or those who could in their course of detention encounter moments of loneliness or weakness and it will also allow us to double the most fragile and avoid the risks of dark idea or suicide ».

Another example given by the Director of the Koné Detention Center, the Quarter for Preparation for Release, QPS, also with 40 places: “ This building will offer support for prisoners who will have to demonstrate autonomy, attest to a certain number of hours of activity in the broad sense: vocational training, work, schooling, sports activity “. Prisoners will be able to train there and work in different sectors, agriculture, cooking, personal assistance, with the possibility of remuneration and validation of professional experience.

Another strong point of the center is the enhanced support for detainees in terms of health: ” A psychiatrist, a general practitioner, nurses, a dentist, a physiotherapist (…) a sensitive and not easy file since the territory is facing difficulties in terms of recruiting nursing staff, but we are on the right track. It won’t be from Monday to Friday, the only presence that we will guarantee and ensure is the presence of nurses for nursing care 7 days a week. ».

Ludovic Wongsokarto, author of a good performance by finishing 13th in his promotion of prison guard dispensed in France, will soon be back on the territory for a job at the Koné detention center. Asked by CALEDONIA, he testified to his expectations and his pride in joining this new prison centre: “ We really have this apprehension of prison, we tell ourselves that we are keeping people who have committed crimes, we tell ourselves that we are going to be attacked. But in the end, it’s going very well. With the colleagues, we say to ourselves that we will not have the same prison population as here in mainland France, but the advantage is that we are opening an establishment for Koné, so at the management level it will already be easier. In addition, having the chance to be among the first to work there is a source of pride ».

The prison must be delivered on August 17, 2022 and will operate empty for the first 3 months. The first detainees will arrive gradually from October. Positions will be taken from the end of July, with the first 30 winners of the prison guard competition, who will be joined in August by the remaining thirty guards.

Damien Chaillot


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