New Challengers for Yamaha NMAX & Honda PCX Come! Cheaper Prices, Qualified Features

OKEJAMBI.COM – Yamaha NMAX and Honda PCX now have new competitors in their class.

This competitor to the Honda PCX and Yamaha NMAX has a sporty and frightening design.

This scooter motorbike is also equipped with qualified features.

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If Yamaha and Honda do not update the NMAX and PCX scooters, it is possible that these new scooters will seize the market from NMAX and PCX.

Curious what this motorbike is, and what are the specifications like? The following is a review for you.

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Reported by okejambi from the Mahendra Big Bike youtube channel, this motorbike has actually been present in Indonesia since 2020.

But now it has received an update, which makes this scooter appear more sporty and frightening.

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