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New changes for the Overwatch Contenders League

The developer company is official Blizzard is changing the Overwatch Contenders League. This league is being reduced in all its senses, as you can read on the official website of Overwatch Contenders.

On this page it is mentioned that the number of teams has been reduced by region and North America will be divided into two regions. Each region will have a total of eight teams, which means an increase in the number of teams that can participate, the same happens for the rest of the regions.

Any of the teams that are in the Overwatch League, will be invited for the first season of 2019. The classification for next year will not be granted for all the main teams, but until the end of the year, although the announcement says that "Many of the best teams of the Third Season 2018 will be automatically classified. "

This means that these teams will already have their place of safety for the next season of Overwatch Contenders, while the rest must classify again.

In contrast to this, equipment that does not belong to the Overwatch League they should classify if they want a place in the season of Contenders next year, the same goes for the teams that are left behind. All of these must do so through Contenders Trials.

Similarly, Blizzard has made a change to the equipment which will now be subject to a "Soft region blocking. '' For this reason, now there can not be more than 3 players who are not residents of that region. For example, a European team will not be able to assemble a team with 6 people from South Korea.

To conclude, changes have also been made in the weight of the prizes, which do not yet have figures. The seasons have also changed, now they will be longer, but we will only have two for each year.

What do you think about the new changes for the Overwatch Contenders League? It is not known for sure all the changes that are coming Contenders.

Y Blizzard He has not yet mentioned when the next season will begin, but it is expected that this will be done at the beginning of next year 2019. If you want to know more information about this you can visit the page of Overwatch Contenders.


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