New Code for Limited-Time Rewards in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Including MT28 Earthquake and MT87 Avalanche

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It is still played by a huge number of players, despite the hate that has been generated against it. Game Freak due to its constant bugs and general lack of polish, won a rating of 4.0 by users of Metacritic.

But today we are not here to talk about the negadito of the title, quite the contrary: we bring you a new code for you to exchange the MT28 Earthquake y MT87 Avalanche.

These will be available for a limited timeso we recommend running to turn on your Switch and enter the password that we will leave you a little below.

This is the new code for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

The new code that you can redeem Until June 30th is the following:

We also tell you what they are all currently available keysto keep your adventure fun:

Code Reward available until
LEVELUP 10 Rare Candy 2 October 2023
REV1VE 5 Revive Max
CATCHBYBALL 5 Mesh Ball, 5 Diving Ball, 5 Sunset Ball, 5 Shift Ball, 5 Speed ​​Ball and 5 Luxury Ball
To be delivered during the event on June 10 Competitive bronzong June 11, 2023
1 MT028 (Earthquake) and 1 MT086 (Avalanche) 1 Gold Plate June 30, 2023

2023-06-08 15:29:06

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